Why Myzar?

DID YOU KNOW that each day in the African Region, approximately 12,000 children aged 0-5 years die from preventable or treatable causes; about one quarter of these deaths occur in the first month of life and a staggering two thirds in the first seven days. Africa is still considered the most dangerous place in the world for mothers and babies; with the deaths considered as “normal” these children have been termed “the forgotten children of Africa”.

Meet Margaret, a mom, who lost her baby after one week of giving birth; she went to the hospital to check out a potential labor complication and left her newborn baby at home with her mom.  The baby began to experience high body temperature (fever) and instead of taking the baby to the hospital, upon her return she found her mom bathing the baby as a mode of reducing the baby’s body temperature.  Margaret’s baby’s temperature rose even higher and at midnight at her baby died. We can’t imagine a greater loss, had Margaret known that this is one of the danger signs for newborn, the outcome could have been different.

Come impact the world with us, one community at a time; we are two moms with African roots working in healthcare (a pediatrician and a pharmacist) that have decided to join forces and impact the world with our 100% organic cotton muslin blankets. Each time you purchase a package of blankets, one beautiful blanket with illustrations on the 5 warning/danger signs for newborns will be provided to delivering mothers in a developing country most impacted by the burden of neonatal mortality.  These blankets will be delivered through our partner organizations already working on addressing newborn health in these countries. The blanket will serve as an educational tool for a mother and hopefully will help contribute to the livelihood of another baby.

We truly believe that little efforts make a big difference in the lives of many.  Pay it forward, buy one pack of our beautifully made blanket and help a mom and newborn in developing country potentially increase the chance for survival for the newborn. We hope to make a global impact starting with Africa, the continent that has experience the worst of it; and ask you to join us to educate and raise awareness on the Warning/Danger signs for newborns by purchasing one of myzar’s blankets.

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